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We stock all accessories required to go with our other products. If you can't find your product on here, please go to Timber Accessories Page 2. If you still can't find what you are looking for, please contact us.



  • Paslode framing impulse box of nails: 75mmx306m and gas.
  • Paslode brad impulse box of nails: 38mm brad and gas.
  • Paslode brad impulse box of nails: 50mm brad and gas.
  • Paslode trimmaster impulse box of nails: 38mm brad and gas.
  • Paslode trimmaster impulse box of nails: 50mm and gas.
  • Polythene dc snake skin roll: 110mmx500mmx30m, 150mmx500mmx30m, 230mmx500mmx30m, 300mmx500mmx30m.
  • Pryda joist hanger: 45mmx90mm, 45mmx140mm, 45mmx180mm. If you need 35mm joist hanger I arrange with supplier also.
  • Pryda high tension galv nails: 1kg
  • Pryda top plates gang nail plates.
  • Pryda top of wall L wall brackets tie.
  • Pryda top and bottom U framing strap 400mmx25mm
  • Pryda multigrips:  box of 100.
  • Maxbond tube: 320g.
  • Silicon tube: 300g.
  • Gap filler tube: 450g.
  • Box of dynabolt: box of 25 10mmx100mm, box of 50 10mmx 75mm, box of 25 12mmx 75mm, box of 20 12mmx 100mm.
  • Nylon countersunk anchors: 6.5mmx75mm.
  • Hilti concrete gun nails and red caps: box of 100 72mm nails,  red cap box of 100.
  • Plasterboard twist nail: box 2kg.
  • Quick set concrete bag: 20kg.
  • Cement builders grey: 20kg.
  • Hoop iron rolls: 15m, 30m and pack of 6 hoop tenisoners.
  • Wall brace angle: 3.6m, 4.8m.
  • Brace speed roof: 6.0m.
  • Cabots deck oil natural: 4 litre, 10 litre.
  • Box of Galv bulge batten screws: 14-10mmx75mm, 14-10mmx100mm,14-10mmx125mm.
  • Yellow sandpaper: 60gx100, 80gx100, 120x100.
  • Box of 1000 gyprock screw: 6gx30.
  • 1/4 Driver bit hex: 5mmx50mm.
  • 1/4 Driver bit bulge: 5mmx50mm
  • 1/4 Driver phillip screw bit no 2: 50mm.
  • Box of 1000 deck hex stainless screws: 10mmx50mm.
  • Sutton timber drill bits: 1/8, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6.5mm, 8.0mm, 10mm,12mm.
  • Sutton long masonary drill bits: 5.5mmx15, 6.5mmx15, 6mm, 8.0mm, 10mm, 12mm.
  • Sutton drill bit arbor hole saw suit: 32mm-152mm.
  • Sutton holesaw: 54mm
  • Speed bits: 16mm, 18mm, 22mm, 25mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm.
  • Pack of 25 T17 hex neo screw: 12mmx25mm, 14mmx75mm, 14x75mm.
  • Ceiling dogs ties for joist/bearer tie.
  • Box of 500g gal clouts for blue board: 40x2.8 by hand.
  • Box of 2kg soft sheet nails for eaves and ac sheet.
  • Box of 3600 coil gun duofast for blue.
  • Box of 1,000 buildex screw 40mm fibre for steel frames: BMT 0.55-75m.
  • Box of 1kg Paslode stainless steel  griplock: 50mmx2.8mm.
  • Alcor rolls: 110mmx30m, 150mmx30m, 230mmx30m, 300mmx30m.
  • Galv colts hex Bolts/nuts M10, M12: M10 10mmx75m, M10 10mmx100m,
  • M12 10mmx100m, M12 10mmx120m,  M12 10mmx130m, M12 10mmx150.
  • Galv colts srcews M10, M12, M16: M10 10mmx60m, M10 10mmx75m, M10 10mmx100m, M10 10mmx130m, M10 10mmx150m.
  • M12 10mmx50m, M12 10mmx65m, M12 10mmx75m, M12 10mmx100, M12 10mmx130m, M12 10mmx15om.
  • M16: 16mmx65m, 16mmx75m.
  • Metric galv washer: M10, M12, M16
  • Kleva Klips covers 9ms: for merbau 90x18 secret fix bracket fit to joist. You need 110x 30m snake skin and maxbond tubes,
  • Box of 500g galv button screws: 8mm x25mm.
  • Wall plugs: pack of green 6.5mmx50mm, blue 8mmx50mm.
  • Roll plactic spaghetti ramset 5m: 5.5mm.
  • Plasterboard spring toggle: 5mmx 75mm, 5mmx102mm

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