Expol Underfloor Insulation Batts.

Expol Underfloor Insulation Batts.

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 Great choice when insulating your home to stop heat entering in summer and escaping in winter.

These Insulation Batts can be used for bearers and joist timber floors, They can also be used in sub floors and ceiling.

4 sizes:

  • Type 360 (Special Order): 1.2m length x 360mm wide x 60mm thick 12 per bag covers 5.18m2.
  • Type 410 used for joists at 450mm centres.: 1.2m length x 410mm wide x 60mm thick 11 per bag covers 5.41m2.
  • Type 470: 1.2m length x 470mm wide x 60mm thick 10 per bag covers 5.64m2.
  • Type 560 use for joists at 600mm centres (Special Order): 1.2m length x 560mm wide x 60mm thick 9 per bag covers 6.05m2.

Expol floor adhesive, expol floor clips pack of 50 and expol wirguard may also be required. This depends on the amount you need according to the size in m2 for the underfloor.