Ceiling Fitting and Accessories.

Ceiling Fitting and Accessories.

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Furring channels, furring clips (code 394), suspended ceiling grid metal, plasterboard and blue board set accessory and blue plastic external corner angle.

This product will incur a higher delivery charge between $85 to $120 due to higher weight.

We will confirm the delivery charge once your order has been received.


  • Furring channel: 6.0m 38mmx16mm.
  • Suspension rondo clips: code 394 place at 900mm centre along furring channel.
  • A 6.0m length furring channel 1 at each end is 2 +6  along you need 8 clips per 6.0m furring channels. Then use phillip screws to screw to the joist at the level ceiling line set.
  • Base coat james hardie blue board bucket set: 20kg.
  • Top coat james hardie blue board bucket set: 20kg.
  • Roll blueboard tape set.
  • External corner blue board set angle: 2.7m, 3.0m.

The following items can be ordered by special request. Plasterboard 10mm, 13mm, wetsheild 10mm board, grid ceiling rod clips, main rail and clicks

Fire check 13mm, 16mm, office tile ceiling for grind ceiling, plasterboard accessories. Just contact us directly to order these items.


  • Plaster board set external angle: 3.0m.
  • Plaster board set p50 shadow line: 3.0m.
  • Plaster board set box of phillip screws: 30mm.
  • Plaster board set top coat bucket: 20kg.
  • Plaster board set base coat bucket : 20kg.
  • Plaster board set easy tape: roll.
  • Plaster board set paper tape: roll.
  • Plaster board stud adhesive: 5.2kg.